Time-Liners: Application

Application info

We are currently looking for new members for our Minecraft Server!

Maybe you will soon be a part of our team. Let us convince you to start here with us!

First of all, we want to tell you something about our server.

So since we are really still at the beginning, let's explain the planned concept:

The focus is to create a citybuild map in 1.12.2, which is to be played in several eras.

For example, the Stone Age and the Middle Ages should be represented,but futuristic type should also be built.

So far the Stone Age and Antiquity is under construction, which could be finished by 10.08.2018.

That's exactly what we need your help for.

Exact information about our team can be found here!

The moderator is also responsible for the support, in order to avoid boredom with supporters in the future!

Because we are still very small we need every helping hand to get a bit closer every day.

So maybe we can at least get the first world out on time. :)

If you want to know more about us, please contact us using the ways below.

We're ready to answer your questions.

Let's start with what we can offer you!

Now we're actually looking for members everywhere.

In general, the prerequisites are similar everywhere to the same.

Since there are different areas to be advertised, you will be able to find your place here!

Moderator (also includes the supporter):

15 years would be nice

Friendly and relaxed, even in delicate situations

Generally avoid the use of vulgar expressions

Experience in support. Knowledge of commands and basic knowledge of plugins.

Ordinary style of language and writing


No minimum age, yet you should have a certain mental maturity.

Stay relaxed and calm, even if not everything looks good right away.

Ordent building style, if possible also somewhat larger buildings can create.

Practical would be experience with WorldEdit and WorldGuard (not absolutely necessary)


At least 16 to be really sure there's already some experience.

Being able to agree on criticism

Experience in setting up and creating plugins

Work without pay!

The same applies to all positions:

In the first place, of course, is fun.

But even if you want to volunteer to be part of the team, you commit to be regularly present,

because we still want to achieve something.

Logically, no one will rip your head off if you can't for a few days.

: Since we didn't have good experiences with Devs,

you won't have direct, full access to all plugins and Co.

I hope that's okay and doesn't shy away from applying as Dev.

Of course, the general rule is always to create a nice and calm atmosphere. :)

You want to apply now?

Then you can now here submit your application in writing.

If you have any questions about our principles or plans, please feel free to contact us via Discord.