Time-Liners: Gamemodes


A short description of our gamemodes!


This gamemode contains multiple eras.

At first you will play in Stone Age, which also works as the tutorial.

There you will learn the basic principles of the game.

It will follow a selfmade storyline!

There are a lot of quests that will bring you forward in time!

Of course there will be some sidequests,

making it easier for you to earn some money.

As mentioned before there are multiple eras! Those will be shortly presented below!

Era Short
Stone Age The era, that we call Stone Age,
is the first of all in human history.
Caused by the first time usage of stone tools and the discovery of fire,
the Stone Age set the first milestone for the evolution of humans.
Time-Liners wants to use this era,
to introduce you to the world of RP.
Ancient World
Middle Age
Wild West